Generate Cash Flow with These Tax Accounting Method Changes

Cash flow preservation remains an important focus for many companies as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to create uncertainty for businesses. Accounting method changes provide a valuable opportunity for taxpayers to reduce their current tax expense and increase cash flow by accelerating deductions and/or deferring income. Changing to an optimal method

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2020-2021 Online Tax Planning Guide

Although you can’t avoid taxes, you can take steps to minimize them. This requires proactive tax planning — estimating your tax liability, looking for ways to reduce it and taking timely action. To help you identify strategies that might work for you in 2020, check out our Online Tax Planning

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2020 Year-End Tax Planning Highlights for Individuals

  As the year-end approaches, individuals, business owners and family offices should be reviewing their situations to identify any opportunities for reducing, deferring or accelerating tax obligations. Areas that should be looked at in particular include tax reform provisions that remain in play, as well as new opportunities and relief

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Qualified Improvement Property Depreciation

Earlier this year, Congress finally passed legislation that corrects a drafting error related to real estate qualified improvement property (QIP). The correction is part of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. The correction retroactively allows real property owners to depreciate QIP faster than before, either 100% the

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Benefits of Being a Small Business

Small businesses enjoy several tax advantages that may allow them to reduce their tax bills, defer taxes and simplify the reporting process. Until recently, federal tax rules generally defined “small business” as one with average annual gross receipts of $5 million or less ($1 million or $10 million in some

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Education Tax Breaks for Parents

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, students are going back to school this fall, either remotely, in-person or under a hybrid schedule. In any event, parents may be eligible for certain tax breaks to help defray the cost of education. Available Education Tax Breaks Summary 1. Higher education tax credits. Generally, you

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Bonus Depreciation Key Points

Under current law, 100% bonus depreciation will be phased out in steps for property placed in service in calendar years 2023 through 2027. Thus, an 80% rate will apply to property placed in service in 2023, 60% in 2024, 40% in 2025, and 20% in 2026, and a 0% rate

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Adjust Your Tax Withholding

Did you recently file your federal tax return and were surprised to find you owed money? You might want to change your withholding so that this doesn’t happen next year. You might even want to do that if you got a big refund. Receiving a tax refund essentially means you’re

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